Album Cover
Mongrel Vibrations
Released: Dec 12, 2014
Label: Eagles nest
Track Listing
1 Buenas Noches Guey
2 Major Zhdaev and the multi breasted giants of persei 8/ Sanctuary of one thousand testicles
3 Miles to the Soul/ Creature Shape
4 4 oz 2/ the energy
5 post civilization ritual
6 Dolphin cave
7 Icarus
8 Wink and a Leap
9 Shopping Queen
10 Using magik for Murder
11 My Cousin Sven/ Ride/ UR


Conjuring Contra
They’re music encompasses a sense of immersion; it’s almost cinematic. One of their influences is Ennio Morricone, who wrote and composed the theme for the classic Western, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.” “ContraForce brings a fresh new take on contra music for dancing,” Asheville-based master dancer, caller and teacher Charley Harvey says. “These young men are innovative musicians who represent what is new and fresh in an ever evolving dance, and bring a new world beat and contemporary sound to what was once called a ‘traditional folk dance.’” Site has moved to see yall there thanks for the interest and support
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